Sturgis Rally: World Burnout Tour

Sturgis Rally

Motorcycle thrill show entertainer and Burnout King Nick Lee joins the elite lineup of Rock Star entertainment including the Rock ‘n Rev Festival with Guns ‘n Roses at Monkey Rock USA during the 70th Sturgis Rally from August 7-15, 2010.

Lee will display museum-quality custom motorcycles from his $2,000,000 collection of equipment, which includes a 1000hp Indy-style barstool, drag bikes, twin Harley-Davidson burnout bikes and custom choppers. Lee will entertain crowds with burnout thrill shows throughout the day.

Nick Lee says: "We’ll be smoking up the place and shredding tires, signing autographs and posing for photos."

This is the first appearance at the Monkey Rock for Nick Lee and the World Burnout Tour.

John Dent (Founder, Chairman and CEO of Monkey Rock Group, Inc.) says: "Nick Lee has taken his act to a different level with the entertainment factor, skill and showmanship, his motorcycles and motorized inventions are truly mindboggling in their concept, real crowd pleasers. Nick is a pleasure to work with and is always mindful of his sponsors and seeks to promote us whenever he can, a true professional and an asset for Monkey Rock to be able to acquire his services for the big 70TH anniversary here in Sturgis."

"What better way to celebrate the emergence of MonkeyRockUSA as a publicly traded company under the ticker symbol MKRO than to blaze the trail with Nick Lee out front leading the way, we are just smokin’ the biker entertainment scene in style!!"

Lee will represent the Monkey Rock in the Loud American Burnout contest hosted by Lorenzo Lamas at the Loud American Roadhouse on Aug. 11, 2010. The winner receives a prize of $1000 cash.

The Monkey Rock is hosting the Sturges premier of the Rock ‘n Rev Festival, a week-long concert featuring headline bands Guns ‘n Roses, Daughtry, Godsmack, Creed, Stone Temple Pilots and Alice In Chains along with several other bands. Performances will be inside a specially constructed Rock ‘n Rev Amphitheater at Monkey Rock’s 25 acre site.

Guns ‘n Roses will be the festival’s climax as they make their first US concert appearance in four years.

Rock ‘n Rev Festival owner DC3 Global reached an agreement with the Monkey Rock after negotiations with a different site fell through.

John Dent says: "We are extremely pleased to be able to step in on short notice and reach an agreement to host the concert series. This is an ideal opportunity to increase the visibility of the Monkey Rock brand."

Chris Edwards (Monkey Rock’s Chief Operating Officer) says: "There aren’t many places capable of hosting an event and line-up like this. We look forward to a successful Sturgis event that will lead to other events and venues with DC3."