Victory Motorcycles: New Transmission

2011 Victory Models

All Victory Motorcycles for 2011 will be taking power from its 106 cubic inch motor and running through a new six-speed transmission with overdrive.

According to Victory, “The Victory drivetrain team scrutinized every component of the engine and transmission and fine-tuned the designs and performance of numerous parts.”

Not quite all-new, 40% of the 2011 transmission has been redone. Victory tells us that improved manufacturing efficiency and quality assurance have enhanced drivetrain reliability, improved rideability, and a resulted in a more appealing-sounding transmission.

Selected modulation frequencies have been eliminated, Victory says, reducing whine overall, with special attention give to 4th and 6th gears.

Driveline lash is said to be reduced by 66%, and it will now be easier to shift into neutral at a stop thanks to a “Neutral Assist” property.

Overall, Victory says the new transmission will reduce the rider’s effort, reduce clutch wear, and will lessen the performance demands on the oil.

The new transmission also called for a re-design of the crankcase, thus the tranny cannot be retrofitted to pre-2011 models.


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