Honda CRF250R: Cosworth Racing Piston


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The all-new 2010 Honda CRF250R carries on a long lineage of taking checkered flags. With an all new, from the “dirt-up” design, the new CRF205R stands to continue to build upon that legacy.

That’s why Cosworth, a name synonymous with motorsport victories from the ranks of Formula One and other World Class Motorsports, is proud to announce the release of high compression forged racing pistons for the 2010 Honda CRF250R.

The new CRF250R Cosworth forged racing piston, like all Cosworth racing pistons, adopt the same critical design and construction methods applied in their world-class Formula One racing engines.

Before each piston is ever produced, extraordinary care is taken to ensure that only the finest materials are used. Forged from proprietary 2618 high tensile strength alloy, Cosworth racing pistons maintain superior expansion rates, resulting in improved sealing and superior performance.

Every facet of Cosworth piston designs have been thoroughly engineered to reduce detonation that occurs in some high performance engines, such as top ring-land scrolling that helps protect against scuffing and reduce crevice volume. The polished crown reduces carbon buildup, minimizing hotspots that can also lead to detonation.

Cosworth understands the ultra high RPM environment that motorcycle engines operate in and the effects it has on its pistons. That’s why Formula One derived technology is used throughout the CRF250R forged piston design. Elements such as the friction reducing, Xylan coated skirt profile and DLC coated pins are some of the same features used in the 18,000+ RPM Cosworth CA2010 Formula One Racing Engine.

With 50 years of world-class race and performance engine design and manufacturing experience; Cosworth’s intimate knowledge of the interaction between the piston and other engine components gives them the distinct advantage in piston design, resulting in the finest piston available.

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