Rocket Rispoli Talks I-96 Flat Track

AMA Flat Track News

My Gas City report is a little bit late with all the flattrack and roadracing that I have been doing each weekend. I haven’t had a break but I’m working on catching up. So hang on and I’ll tell you about my wild time at Gas City, a track I saw for the first time at this national and had no idea what to expect.

The track was a small bowl of a clay short track that I wasn’t sure how the new Cycle Dynamics /Ant-Racing /Boughner and Bazzaz supported chassis would work. I knew I would have a good motor with lots of off the corner grunt, I just didn’t know how the bike would react on such a surface. We applied a set up we used on a practice track we have at home called Paradise Speedway, a clay short track and when we went out for the first practice it worked. I mean it worked real good.

So good I not only set fast time in the free practice, I set fast time for the entire qualifying session and that included pros and experts combined. My first free practice was a 15.269 second lap and that would be 3/10’s faster than anyone did the entire night. It was tough to make any changes, so Dustin my tuner and I just kept the bike filled with gas and the chain lubed for each round.

I went into my heat confident, but got a tough start. I fought for the first position but knew second would still get me on the front row and achieving that was awesome for the final. In the final I felt I could win the whole thing since both Baker and Carver my chief competition were slightly off the pace all day.

No one else was really coming to grips with the track like the three of us. I got a decent start but right away but got into a dueling match with Baker. Unfortunately Carver was able to get out front and put in a couple of hot laps, the best he did all night and gapped Baker and myself a little. Each lap Baker and I went at it which to the fans must have seemed like an awesome show. While I’m all for the great show, I would much rather break away and ride off into the sunset, but that didn’t happen.

Instead Baker and I passed each other a couple of times each lap which just let Carver waltz to a convincing victory. But I wasn’t done racing and still wanted that second position on the podium. On the last lap I don’t know exactly what happened but Baker was behind me a little and next thing I knew he went down. That gave me a clear shot to the finish line and it was sweet. I think Brad was a little pissed but we were banging bars the entire race. I did what I had to do and held a tight line and went for the checkers.

It was really cool to race this track and my equipment performed flawlessly. Dustin my mechanic/tuner continues to make sure my gear is spot on and I can’t ask for more. I want to thank all my sponsors for the great support, and hope they not only enjoyed my duel on the track, but also enjoyed my podium results as well.