BMW Motorrad Days: Record Attendance

Motorcycle Event

The weather turned out particularly well for the tenth anniversary motorcycling event. In hot midsummer temperatures, over 35,000 riders and fans of the brand BMW Motorrad not only set up a new attendance record but also partied to their hearts' content for three days on end.

Once again, motorbike fans arrived from all over the world. Not only had Italians, Scandinavians, Russians and Ukrainians made the trip: there was also a travel group of seven BMWs which had come all the way from Israel, and registration plates from the USA and Dubai were even spotted on the car park.

Motorcyclist were thrilled with the attractive and densely packed program of events, which this year was organised around the 30-year anniversary of the BMW GS. Test rides, motorcycle convoys, stunt shows and a party atmosphere ensured that the interest level was high at all times.

In addition to the award ceremony for BMW Special Motorcycle Models "30 Years GS" on Saturday there was a draw for special models. On Friday evening Georg Opalka won a BMW F 800 GS "30 Years GS", while Wolfgang Kracker was the happy recipient of a BMW R 1200 GS "30 Years GS" on Saturday evening.

The many guests, including lots of celebrities such as actors Bettina Zimmermann and Hannes Jaenicke took the opportunity to find out about innovations, products and new accessories and services provided by more than 85 exhibitors - as well as simply talking shop with friends.

The Classic Convoy on Friday featured a range of treasures on two and three wheels from the history of BMW Motorrad. The big BMW Motorcycle Convoy set off on Saturday, winding its way through the area which will host the Alpine World Ski Championships in 2011.

BMW Motorcycles: Demo Rides

The many opportunities to put the model range of the brands BMW Motorrad and Husqvarna to a thorough test were highly popular once again this year.

> Over 950 people took a current BMW Motorrad model out on the road for a test ride.

> 700 riders opted for the enduro track on the Hausberg and 300 bikers took their chance on the demanding

> x-track circuit with a BMW G 450 X or Husqvarna model.

> 90 non-licence holders tried out BMW motorcycles in a cordoned-off area.

Great enthusiasm was also shown by the 85 motorcyclists who took part in guided panorama tours to discover the fascinating mountain scenery around Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

Riding Skills

Andi Lettenbichler, Simo Kirssi, Marko Tarkalla and Juha Salminen are highly successful in off-road racing around the world. On the x-track they thrilled spectators with some brief show races, providing a few samples of their skills.

Four-time World Stunt Bike Riding Champion and newly minted German Champion Chris Pfeiffer thrilled his audience in the Freestyle Area. The breathtaking stunts in which he apparently turned the laws of physics literally upside down were once again among the weekend's highlights. Again and again, this exceptionally talented motorcyclist drew looks of incredulity, not only on his specially converted F 800 R but also on an S 1000 RR serial production superbike.

The acrobatic show program performed by Igor Obu and his partner Stefan Schlie was no less spectacular. On their BMW mountain bikes, the two of them displayed front and rear-wheel acrobatics for which no platform was too high and no ramp too steep.

Fantastic Atmosphere  

More than 500 staff ensured that the event went off smoothly, as well as providing an efficient catering service for visitors. In view of temperatures well into the thirties, it was no surprise that over 14,000 litres of alcohol-free beverages were consumed along with more than 15,000 litres of lager.

Guests also got through more than 4,000 grilled chickens and 1.3 tons of roasted pork knuckle garnished with 1.3 tons of potato salad, as well as 8,500 small pretzels and 1,600 large ones.

The 1.5 hectare camping area was filled right down to the last pitch over the entire weekend, while over 21,000 overnight accommodation bookings were registered in and around Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

Policeman Thomas "Cheesy" Karl, who has attended BMW Motorrad Days on his BMW squad motorcycle to keep order since the very beginning, also confirmed just how well-disciplined the fan community is. "Colleagues in other federal states in Germany can't believe we manage an event of this size with a team of just eight policemen. Praise has to go to all visitors and the organisers!"

On the Saturday BMW Motorrad Days was not all about motorcycles. The BMW Motorrad fan community followed the quarter-final World Cup game of the German national football team on numerous projection screens - and the 4:0 win was celebrated well into the wee small hours throughout the entire grounds.

The almost legendary live bands and acts such as Gerry & Gary, Dreirad, Blechblos'n, the ladies' band WILDCATS, Tommy and the Moondogs and Byron once again turned up the heat in the Party Tent and the US Lodge on Friday and Saturday evening. The two DJs Robert and Moorat likewise fired up the atmosphere until late into the night.

Those who preferred a quieter mood were well served with folk songs and guitar music around the camp fire.

When asked what made BMW Motorrad Days so unique, Thomas Schmid, First Mayor of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, said: " ... the great atmosphere, the sense of family and the friendships. All this has developed over many years between the motorcyclists, but also between bikers and local residents."

Hendrik von Kuenheim, General Director BMW Motorrad, praised the unique hospitality and superb support provided by the town: "For us it's almost like coming home," he said. Both sides are keen to continue the partnership, so the fan community can already look forward to the 11th BMW Motorrad Days.


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