Motocross: Ryan Dungey Sweeps Red Bud

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Ryan Dungey kept the moment rolling at the sixth round of the AMA Pro Motocross series at the notoriously tough Red Bud MX track in Buchanan, Michigan, on Saturday.

Dungey and his Suzuki fuel-injected RM-Z450 fought hard in the first moto to take the win, and the second moto they went from holeshot to finish line in true championship fashion.

In moto 1, Dungey took the win after a three-racer battle that was easily one of the most thrilling races in recent history.

Dungey came off the gate and was in third as he settled in to study the racers ahead of him. As he took note of the fastest lines on the motocross track, Dungey prepared to make his move.

With 10 minutes left in the moto, Dungey used the renowned power of the RM-Z450 motorcycle to make a pass into second place.

He diced with the leader until the last lap of the race when his dedication to physical training and his mental agility let Dungey capitalize on a mistake made by the leader.

With the Supercross Championship-winning power of the RM-Z, Dungey crossed the finish line first.

As the motorcycle racers lined up for moto 2, Dungey was ready to take on the competition again. His RM-Z450 shot him off the starting line and took him to the holeshot.

While Dungey had some competition in the first lap, he started to pull away from the pack soon after. By the end of the race, Dungey had put an 11-second gap between himself and the rest of the field.

Dungey’s 1-1 victory gave him his fifth overall win in a row, and he now controls the mx championship chase by 64 points.

Ryan Dungey says: “I think the championship is what we’re going for overall in the end. There’s still a lot of racing left. I just need to be on top of my game every single moto. Today was really competitive. Chad (Reed) and Ben (Townley) were right there so I had to really dig deep. The fans are great out here. They’re what it’s all about at RedBud. They just make everything really enjoyable.”

Dungey’s teammate Matt Moss put together his most consistent and solid performance to date at Red Bud. The Australian rookie finished 15th in both motos, earning 14th overall, which is his best finish so far in 2010.

Round 7 of the AMA Pro Motocross Series takes place after a break in the schedule. The racing continues on July 17th at Spring Creek in Millville, Minnesota, which is considered Dungey’s home track.

Red Bud 450 MX Class Overall Top 10
1. Ryan Dungey 1-1
2. Chad Reed 2-2
3. Ben Townley 4-3
4. Andrew Short 3-5
5. Brett Metcalfe 5-4
6. Josh Grant 6-6
7. Kyle Regal 7-7
8. Ryan Sipes 8-8
9. Mike Alessi 10-9
10. Nicholas Wey 9-12

450 Class Overall MX Points
1. Ryan Dungey 268
2. Chad Reed 204
3. Brett Metcalfe 201
4. Andrew Short 189
5. Ben Townley 189
6. Josh Grant 182
7. Mike Alessi 177
8. Kyle Regal 122
9. Ryan Sipes 114
10. Kyle Chisholm 108


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