2011 Husqvarna TC250 | Motocross Preview

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For 2011, the Husqvarna 250 cc 4-stroke motocross TC250 has seen major changes to the design, chassis and engine.

The improvements to the TC250 have been confirmed at the European MX2 championship now underway, with Andrea Cervellin and Jernej Irt first and second respectively in the championship after 5 rounds.

The most important changes are to the engine, now fitted with a Mikuni battery-less electronic fuel injection system and 45 mm diameter throttle body.

The major changes to the engine are to the cylinder head, with a new profile that has enabled an increase in power throughout the curve. The camshaft fuel intake line and exhaust are new, as well as the intake phasing. The engine crankcase has been reinforced and now has steel sockets on chassis connections.

The Akrapovic exhaust pipe has been specially designed by the manufacturer in Slovenia for Husqvarna and has a steel manifold, titanium silencer and steel heat protection.

Concerning the chassis parts the frame area below the engine cradle and near the footrests has been completely redesigned, with side plates of forged steel to reduce lateral bulk and increase resistance to strain. This effectively creates a single plate covering the footrest and brake pedal connections.

The cradle surface has been streamlined so as to reduce to a minimum any possible impact with the ground or other obstacles. The steering pipe area has also been improved and reinforced.

The engine guards are made of a new material, providing better protection against knocks. The mirror-finish aluminum hubs are new, now with standard perforations.

The bodywork has new graphics on the tank area, with In Mould Plastic Decoration, which is incorporated in the actual material, not applied afterwards.

2011 TC250 Motorcycle Changes Summary:

• New Chassis, Redesigned And Reinforced
• New Hubs
• New Graphics
• New Engine Guards
• Waterproof Spark Plug Cover
• New Exhaust Pipe Heat Protector
• Engine Crank-Case With Steel Chassis Sockets
• New Fuel Intake And Outlet Lines
• New Camshaft Intake Phasing
• Batteryless Fuel Injection
• Akrapovic Exhaust With Titanium Silencer

This model will be available from the end of July 2010 at Husqvarna dealerships.


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