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The sixth round of fifteen in the FIM MX-GP World Championship was a tough one for the Yamaha Monster Energy squads at a fast and demanding Glen Helen in east California.

Under hot sunshine and watched by 16,000 spectators Ken De Dycker stood out with a splendid ride to 4th position in the first moto, using the potential of the YZ450F to battle rivals and also a rough course with several steep hills and many gravity-defying jumps.

The first American Grand Prix of the century and of the MX1/MX2 era took place at one of the most renowned circuits in the USA and Glen Helen not only gave the world championship riders their hottest weekend of the season so far but also one of the trickiest circuits with a lengthy layout with many elements to conquer.

De Dycker started quite well in the first race and his speed pulled him up into a three-way battle for 3rd position. He eventually defeated Clement Desalle but lost out in his quest for a second top three finish of 2010 to Max Nagl.

In the second outing the Belgian was stuck a little further back in the pack and quickly pulled into the pits at one stage after hearing an altered exhaust note. Able to immediately rejoin the sprint the 25 year old completed the distance with 10th for 6th overall.

Yamaha Monster Energy MX Team’s David Philippaerts had a tough day after a crash on one of the downhills while holding second place in Saturday’s Qualification Heat partially threw his preparation for the rest of the weekend.

Strong winds on Saturday caused practice to be cancelled and left little time for learning the circuit and set-up refinement. The Italian struggled to find an effective rhythm on race day and had a technical problem in the second race meaning an overall classification of 15th.

After maiden US appearances for Philippaerts and De Dycker the pair rest 4th and 5th in the championship standings.

Team, riders and crated bikes were shipped back to Europe Sunday evening with a swift view towards the Grand Prix of France at St Jean D’Angely next weekend.

Ken De Dycker (Yamaha Monster Energy Ricci MX Team) says: "I didn’t have a good start in the first moto but I came back strong and had energy to push to the end. Fourth place was the best I could do because I was making fast laps but also some mistakes. In the second moto I could not get rid of the mistakes and made a poor start. There was a bit of rattling from the exhaust so I came into the pits but it seemed it was OK and I went back out. It was hot out there and I am pretty pleased with my performance."

David Philippaerts (Yamaha Monster Energy MX Team) says: "There is not much I can say about the weekend. I had a fast crash on Saturday and we struggled to find the best set-up and a good rhythm across the track. It was not a normal circuit for us and the first hot race of the season. We had a problem in the second moto and overall it was a weekend that we won’t remember!"

2010 GP of USA 30/05/2010

Race 1 – 16 Laps

Pos.    Rider    Manu.    Nat.    Total Time
1    Antonio Cairoli    KTM    ITA    40’08.080
2    Mike Alessi    KTM    USA    0’00.668
3    Maximilian Nagl    KTM    GER    0’08.443
4    Ken De Dycker    Yamaha    BEL    0’17.447
5    Clement Desalle    Suzuki    BEL    0’30.090
6    Xavier Boog    Kawasaki    FRA    0’36.188
7    Steve Ramon    Suzuki    BEL    0’40.895
8    Davide Guarneri    Honda    ITA    0’48.051
9    Grant Langston    Yamaha    RSA    0’56.959
10    Kyle Chisholm    Yamaha    USA    0’58.316
11    David Philippaerts    Yamaha    ITA    1’03.955
12    Evgeny Bobryshev    Honda    RUS    1’05.388
13    Kevin Strijbos    Suzuki    BEL    1’06.214
14    Gareth Swanepoel    Honda    RSA    1’18.985
15    Nicolas Aubin    Kawasaki    FRA    1’23.222

Race 2 – 16 Laps

Pos.    Rider    Manu.    Nat.    Total Time

1    Ben Townley    Honda    NZL    40’44.289
2    Clement Desalle    Suzuki    BEL    0’07.997
3    Antonio Cairoli    KTM    ITA    0’09.528
4    Mike Alessi    KTM    USA    0’11.313
5    Xavier Boog    Kawasaki    FRA    0’25.269
6    Steve Ramon    Suzuki    BEL    0’28.412
7    Davide Guarneri    Honda    ITA    0’34.088
8    Anthony Boissière    TM    FRA    0’36.597
9    Joshua Coppins    Aprilia    NZL    0’42.774
10    Ken De Dycker    Yamaha    BEL    0’56.451
11    Rui Goncalves    KTM    POR    0’58.653
12    Kyle Chisholm    Yamaha    USA    1’16.044
13    Kevin Strijbos    Suzuki    BEL    1’20.115
14    Nicolas Aubin    Kawasaki    FRA    1’40.815
15    Matthias Walkner    KTM    AUT    2’00.151
18    David Philippaerts    Yamaha    ITA    2’22.518

RIDER STANDINGS    30/05/2010

Pos.    Rider    Manu.    Nat.    Points
1.    Antonio Cairoli    KTM    ITA    259
2.    Maximilian Nagl    KTM    GER    218
3.    Clement Desalle    Suzuki    BEL    196
4.    David Philippaerts    Yamaha    ITA    184
5.    Ken De Dycker    Yamaha    BEL    174
6.    Steve Ramon    Suzuki    BEL    173
7.    Xavier Boog    Kawasaki    FRA    167
8.    Tanel Leok    Honda    EST    135
9.    Evgeny Bobryshev    Honda    RUS    115
10.    Davide Guarneri    Honda    ITA    111
11.    Joshua Coppins    Aprilia    NZL    90
12.    Kevin Strijbos    Suzuki    BEL    86
13.    Anthony Boissière    TM    FRA    75
14.    Sébastien Pourcel    Kawasaki    FRA    75
15.    Gareth Swanepoel    Honda    RSA    74
19.    Manuel Monni    Yamaha    ITA    46
25.    Kyle Chisholm    Yamaha    USA    20
26.    Tom Soderstrom    Yamaha    SWE    19
28.    Alvaro Lozano    Yamaha    ESP    14
29.    Grant Langston    Yamaha    RSA    12
38.    Matteo Bonini    Yamaha    ITA    3


Pos.    Manufacturer    Points
1.    KTM    287
2.    Suzuki    242
3.    Yamaha    225
4.    Honda    192
5.    Kawasaki    183
6.    Aprilia    90
7.    TM    75
8.    CCM    11
9.    Husqvarna    4


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