Stop Bad Gas… Yamalube Fuel Stabilizer

It Works!

The gas you put in your motorcycle or ATV fuel tank begins to go bad as soon as it leaves the nozzle. This is especially true for E-10 fuels that absorb moisture from the air.

If enough water is present, either from condensation or contaminated fuel, E-10 will separate into a top layer which is almost all gasoline, and a bottom layer which is almost all ethanol (up to 75%) and water.

This separation will make your motorcycle difficult, if not impossible, to start.

To protect your fuel system from the damaging effects of oxidation and phase separation, Yamalube is introducing Fuel Stabilizer & Conditioner Plus, an inexpensive solution that protects motorcycles from the costly affects caused by bad fuel.

Yamalube Fuel Stabilizer & Conditioner Plus is a proprietary formulation that will keep fuel fresh, potent and free from gum and varnish.

Metal filmers in this exclusive formula protect your motorcycle engine from the harmful effects of E-10 fuel and the destructive sulfate salts that corrode metal components in the fuel system and clog fuel filters.

Yamalube Fuel Stabilizer & Conditioner Plus is the only fuel stabilizer and conditioner today that delivers this high level of protection.

Yamalube Fuel Stabilizer and Conditioner Plus is available at Yamaha dealers nationwide. Retail price: $5.38 12 oz., $13.81 32 oz. (Recommended continuous use mixture is 1 oz. of Fuel Stabilizer & Conditioner Plus to every 3 gal. of fuel.)


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