Dakar Rally: 2011 Route and Changes

Argentina / Chile 2011

The race organizers of the Dakar Rally have unveiled the racing route of the 33rd edition, which will take place starting January 1st to 16th, 2011 in Argentina and Chile. The official motorcycle racing competitor enrollment opens on May 15th.

For this third race in South America, the motorcycle riders, drivers and crews will be returning to some places that have already written themselves into the rally’s legend, such as the white dunes of Fiambala, the vast Atacama Desert or the dizzying descent to Iquique.

More particularly, the off-road racers will have the opportunity to discover five new Argentinean provinces, come close to Bolivia and encounter the very northern tip of Chile in Arica, at the gateway to Peru.

In order to respect the rally-raid spirit; the rules will continue to change in 2011, with all elite riders in the motorbike category obliged to ride on a machine with an engine capacity that does not exceed 450cc.

Furthermore, the GPS functions have been reduced for guidance to the WPM (way point markers), giving priority to reading and mastering the road-book.

The collaboration between the rally’s teams and the various bodies in charge of environmental matters has continued during all the preparatory phases for the Dakar 2011, with particular care given to avoiding sensitive areas on the path of the rally’s route. Additionally, a new assessment of the race’s carbon footprint has been commissioned to determine the greenhouse gas emissions related to the rally.

For more than 30 years in Africa, and now in South America, the rally has teamed up with many initiatives to establish links with the people that welcome it. The context of rebuilding currently experienced by Chile has incited the organizers to develop aid with housing, via the charity Un Techo Para Mi Pais .

The Dakar World Tour, a series of presentations of the rally intended for competitors, partners and media will take place in 17 different countries, starting on 6th May.

For all the news on the Dakar and the dates of the Dakar World Tour, visit us here at Ultimate MotorCycling through the year.


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