Vitesse debuts Motorcycle Riding Boots

Euro Avant-Garde Boot

Vitesse was created by Caroline and John Mollanger – two product and brand building experts with 20 years of experience at Nike Inc. and Puma AG – on the evidence that too many motorcycle riders do not wear moto boots.

Vitesse picked among the best talents worldwide for product creation and brand development, to provide motorcycle riders with the most qualitative experience.

At the intersection of motorcycle accessories innovation, modern commerce and progressive organization, Vitesse’s mission is to get more bikers to wear boots.

1) The Vitesse Design DNA: Engineered for Performance – Designed for Everyday

The Vitesse boots collection blends innovative moto performance with cutting-edge and comfortable styling.

Beyond traditional boots, Vitesse has developed 3 innovative must-haves that will make riders confident when they ride; comfortable and beautiful on and off the bike.

The 2010 products are inspired by iconic footwear such as work shoes, English gentlemen boots and vintage sneakers.

– Hunt is available at a price of EUR 175 – size from 39 to 47
– Glove is available at a price of EUR 200 – size from 39 to 47
– Vulcan is available at a price of EUR 150 – size from 39 to 47

2) The V-Cockpit Technology: Performance for the People

Because lower leg traumas are the most frequent injuries when crashing on a motorcycle, Vitesse has invented and patented the V-Cockpit. It is an ankle management device that offers riders protection and comfort.

V-Cockpit is featured on every single Vitesse boot, because a crash while motorcycling around town can be as bad as a crash on a sportbike.

3- The Vitesse Motorcycle Apparel Store: a Simple, Direct, and Rewarding Shopping Experience

While Vitesse boots are not inexpensive, they provide a great value and are distinct from any other product on the market.

To make sure most of the product value goes to the consumer and to offer a rewarding shopping experience via direct communication, Vitesse commercializes its boots via its own online store, at


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