Reality TV: ‘American Chopper’ Returns

American Chopper TV

Unlike the typical folks who anticipate the newest episodes of a series like The Biggest Loser or American Idol, diehard motorcycle enthusiasts await for just about any show to air featuring a two-wheeled machine.

One show that helped fulfill motorcyclists' cravings for two-wheel television, and simultaneously helped popularize the custom motorcycle industry, is American Chopper. But after a six-season run, the series was supposed to end...until now. It's been confirmed that the season will return this August, with much added drama.

During past seasons, the show televised the reality behind what goes into the building of the customs at Orange County Choppers (OCC) in Newburgh, N.Y., a shop that was recognized as one of the world's Top 12 builders in the renowned American Iron magazine. And with this reality came much drama between the Teutul owners, Paul Sr. and Paul Jr., known as "Junior" or "Paulie".

At the beginning of season six, the vendetta between the father and son burst, and Junior left the show. By the end of the season in February of 2010, the series was supposed to end. But Discovery Channel will begin a new season of American Chopper, capitalizing on this grudge. But this time the series will now have a subtitle, "Senior Versus Junior."

The drama is said to be intense, considering "Paulie" purchased a 7,200-sq. ft. warehouse and will directly compete with his father's business. It'll be Paul Jr. Designs versus Orange County Choppers, but with the added drama of a lingering lawsuit; as these two compete building the ultimate custom bike, Senior is trying to buy out his son's 20-percent of Orange County Choppers.

Check your local listings for the first episode, expected to air sometime in August.


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