Stewart-less Yamaha grabs Houston Podium

SX Race Report

After a reprieve over the Easter holiday following more than two solid months of supercross, the AMA series/FIM World Championship recommenced at the Houston Reliant Stadium in Texas last weekend as 44,624 spectators watched the thirteenth round of seventeen in the 2010 campaign.

Valli Motorsports Ivan Tedesco was able to take the 2010 YZ450F to 3rd place across a technical and difficult track for his second podium result of the season.

The veteran fought with Ryan Dungey and Kevin Windham for the final step of the rostrum but was typically resolute to claim his second silverware and post the ninth appearance in the top three for Yamaha so far.

Ivan Tedesco says: "I really needed that break; I guess everyone probably did," he said. "To race twelve weeks in a row is asking a lot. But during the time off, we got some stuff figured out with the bike and I think it showed tonight. I got good starts in the heat and the main and I was able to keep it up there. Things are looking good. Hopefully, I can put it up on the box a couple more times before we head outdoors."

Josh Hill: San Manuel L&M Yamaha’s Josh Hill was also among the thick of the action in the opening stages of the 20 lap main event but could not sustain his pace until the flag and also revealed that he had suffered another fall while training during the break that influenced his performance. Hill was 10th, just behind Muscle Milk JGR’s Justin Brayton in 9th.

Hill is still the leading Yamaha rider in the championship standings and holds 3rd, 14 points ahead of Davi Millsaps and 48 behind Ryan Villopoto. Tedesco, who has scored nine top ten finishes this year, is presently 6th and 3 points ahead of Brayton.

2010 AMA-SX Houston, TX 12/04/2010 – Race 1 – 20 Laps
1    Ryan Villopoto    Kawasaki    USA    16’22.664
2    Kevin Windham    Honda    USA    0’06.974
3    Ivan Tedesco    Yamaha    USA    0’13.246
4    Chad Reed    Kawasaki    AUS    0’17.766
5    Ryan Dungey    Suzuki    USA    0’21.314
6    Thomas Hahn    Suzuki    USA    0’29.799
7    David D Millsaps    Honda    USA    0’32.460
8    Andrew Short    Honda    USA    0’33.261
9    Justin Brayton    Yamaha    USA    0’43.754
10    Josh Hill    Yamaha    USA    0’45.413
11    Nicholas Wey    Kawasaki    USA    0’47.713
12    Manuel Gomes Rivas    Kawasaki    ESP    0’51.284
13    Kyle Chisholm    Yamaha    USA    0’52.858
14    Michael Byrne    Yamaha    AUS    0’56.145
15    Matt Boni    Honda    USA    -1Laps
16    Kyle Regal    Yamaha    USA    -1Laps
20    Jason Lawrence    Yamaha    USA    -15Laps

1.    Ryan Dungey    Suzuki    USA    277
2.    Ryan Villopoto    Kawasaki    USA    265
3.    Josh Hill    Yamaha    USA    217
4.    David D Millsaps    Honda    USA    203
5.    Kevin Windham    Honda    USA    201
6.    Ivan Tedesco    Yamaha    USA    179
7.    Justin Brayton    Yamaha    USA    176
8.    Nicholas Wey    Kawasaki    USA    141
9.    Thomas Hahn    Suzuki    USA    128
10.    Kyle Chisholm    Yamaha    USA    123
11.    Michael Byrne    Yamaha    AUS    117
12.    Trey Canard    Honda    USA    103
13.    Chris Blose    Honda    USA    88
14.    Andrew Short    Honda    USA    82
15.    Grant Langston    Yamaha    RSA    67
18.    James Stewart    Yamaha    USA    51
19.    Jason Lawrence    Yamaha    USA    43
23.    Dan Reardon    Yamaha    USA    25
28.    Weston Peick    Yamaha    USA    17
33.    Kyle Regal    Yamaha    USA    7
41.    Josh Grant    Yamaha    USA    1

1.    Suzuki    277
2.    Kawasaki    274
3.    Honda    265
4.    Yamaha    254
5.    KTM    3

The first of the final four rounds in what is the last month of the championship will take place next Saturday at St Louis, Missouri.

Lap Record: 0’49.593 (James Stewart, 01/01/2005)
Last Years Winner: James Stewart