James Stewart Injury & AMA Motocross

JS7 Motocross Return?

James Stewart’s recent interview with DMXS revealed more details around his injury, his view of the 2010 Supercross season, his dispute with rival Chad Reed and his aspiration to return in shape and healthy for the 2010 Motocross season.

Unfortunately, Stewart’s hand is not improving as quickly as he was hoping. The scaphoid bone is one of the carpal bones of the wrist. It situated between the hand and forearm on the thumb-side of the wrist. Due to the fact that this is a low blood supply area, it takes longer than others to heal.

The doctor says Stewart is healing on schedule while the orders are to be smart about it and let it heal properly. At this point, the 2010 Supercross Championship has long passed over Stewart. He may not be able to re-join this SX season and from the sound of his voice it sounds like he has had to succumb to the fact. Stewart went on to say that racing is my whole life; it is what he does and it has filled his life since the age 2 years old.

After the crash in Phoenix, Stewart’s ankle and wrist were hurting bad. He knew there was a big problem with his wrist once he got back up and landed his first jump. Next round at Anaheim 2, Stewart knew he would be unable to hang on for the win and that his season was most likely over. He was experiencing a ton of pain.

James Stewart just wants to be healthy, as he has struggled with injuries and illness throughout his entire pro career. His most notable injuries include:

2003 – Broken collarbone
2005 – Broken wrist
2005 – Undiagnosed bacterial infection
2008 – Nagging knee injury
2010 – Broken scaphoid bone

Stewart has an uncanny knack of coming back from injury with a vengeance. He returned from his broken collarbone to win every race he entered. He followed up his knee surgery with a perfect motocross season in 2008. And Stewart went on to win the battle with Chad Reed for the 2009 SX Championship.

Stewart still has no love loss for Chad Reed. He says they are racing each other like rookies… ready to take one another out at any given chance. At some point, Stewart admits that the rivalry has to cool off as the young SX guns are getting faster with a growing confidence. Although it looks like Reed may still have a better chance of fully recovering for Supercross, Stewart has some alternative plans.

If he is healthy and his wrist is 100%, it is certain that James Stewart will be at the gate for the opening round of the 2010 outdoor AMA Motocross season. Stewart states that he loves racing and that is the number one reason why he would return to the outdoor motocross racing series after one year off.

This would be Stewart’s first time racing outdoors against the likes of Ryan Dungey and Ryan Villopoto, and he’ll be doing it on the new Yamaha YZ450F. With Chad Reed, being the defending 2009 AMA MX champion, Stewart is motivate to get to the first 2010 motocross race– the Hangtown Motocross Classic at Rancho Cordova, Calif.–and make as many of the outdoor races as he can. He is training hard and motivated to race.

Whether for SX or MX, you can be sure that James Stewart will return with a vengeance to be the very best.

You can hear the full James Stewart DMXS podcast interview here.