Chad Reed “game-time” at Daytona?

Daytona Supercross

With Chad Reed suspected to make his return to Supercross today at Daytona, things could get interesting for the new blood currently dominating the series. As it stands right now, number 22 is expected to make a game-time decision after he rides through practice.

Some feel that the series has actually been better without Reed and his nemesis James Stewart. It has given a chance for some fresh faces to make their way through the pack and earn their spot on the podium. While it’s too late for Reed to take a title in the series, he could definitely throw a wrench into the first place gears of Ryan Dungey, Josh Hill and Ryan Villopoto. These young guns are fast, only time will tell if their fast enough to beat Reed when he’s back to 100%. Villopoto so far, is the only one to do so.

While Reedy admits his wrist is still sore when he rides, he still has plenty of confidence. From an interview on Monday night Chad Reed says, "I’ve been to the last three races and I’m not really all that impressed with what I see [laughs]."

He’s definitely itching to get back out into the mix and do what he loves best…race.

(Action Photos by Frank Hoppen)


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