Leslie Porterfield | Motorcyclist Profile Video

World’s Fastest Motorcycle Woman

Leslie Porterfield loves a challenge. At the age of 16 she bought an old cruiser in boxes for $200 and reconstructed it mostly because someone said it could not be done.

So it is not surprising that at the age of 32 Leslie holds the fastest record on a motorcycle of any woman in the world and is the first woman to earn inclusion into the prestigious Bonneville 200 MPH Club on a conventional motorcycle.

After crashing at the Bonneville Salt Flats in 2007 breaking 7 ribs, puncturing a lung and suffering a concussion Leslie was determined to set some records and she did!

The record of 209 MPH on an unfaired motorcycle and again in 2009 with an unbelievable 240 MPH pass belong to Leslie.

This is the first time in history a woman has taken the award. Leslie’s goals are simple and summed up in two words… Go Faster!


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