FIM video profile of Women in Motorcycling

Women Motorcycle Riders

Leslie Porterfield (FIM Speed World Record Holder), Livia Lancelot (FIM Women's Motocross World Champion) and Laia Sanz (FIM Women's Trial World Champion) have participated in the brand new FIM campaign "WOMEN RIDE" for promoting women in motorcycling.

This campaign is the fruit of a joint project between the FIM Commission for Women in Motorcycling and the Marketing & Communications Department. The aims are to enlarge the audience of the motorcycling community by including women and also to change the perception of motorcycling by promoting well known female ambassadors in the FIM's communications.

Episode 1 explains the real reason why women ride motorcycles: they are guided by their emotions! The campaign will be promoted through the FIM Communication Platform (FIM-LIVE.COM, the FIM Magazine Ride With Us!, FIM YouTube Channel, the FIM TV Magazine - FIM Moto Show) and official Championship programs.

Furthermore, with "WOMEN RIDE", the FIM is ambitious to increase the visibility of women in motorcycling is by broadening the media coverage of this campaign to include industry, specialised motorcycle media as well as media for women in general.

Olivier Godallier Speaks... FIM Marketing and Communications Director added

"Women are more and more present in the motorcycle world and industry aware of this phenomenon, is already developing numerous products for them. In 2010, the FIM is proud to put women in the spotlight with a new Enduro Championship and also for the very first time in an exclusive communication campaign, the first episode of which we have the pleasure to propose to you as from today."


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