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MotoGP Team Presentation

The San Carlo Honda Gresini Team’s official presentation took place today at the Telenova studios in Milan, where famous presenter Franco Bobbiese, know for his show “Griglia di partenza” (“Starting Grid”) introduced the all-Italian line-up to the world’s press. San Carlo were represented by company President Alberto Vitaloni, alongside Team Manager Fausto Gresini and the riders Marco Melandri and Marco Simoncelli with their Honda RC212V decked in the 2010 livery. It was a day that saw Fausto Gresini’s dream of an all Italian rider line-up with Italian sponsorship officially come to fruition.

Alberto Vitaloni Speaks… (San Carlo President)

“People make difference: that is what I thought when I met Fausto Gresini for the first time. I had been offered other opportunities to enter the world of motorcycle racing previously but I was never fully convinced when it came to taking the plunge. As soon as I shook hands with Fausto I realised that we had an instant understanding and that we could work well together. Professionalism is not something that comes by chance: it comes through hard work, through having concern for others and the instinct to predict change and being able to move with the times. They are all characteristics I appreciate in my partners and characteristics I also see in every single person who works with Fausto.”

“For this reason San Carlo decided to embrace this project a couple of years ago and will continue to do so this season. The San Carlo Honda Gresini team has become a joint force that is evolving over time and that is encountering various areas of mutual understanding as well as being two very Italian entities. That last point has even more relevance this year and is an extra reason to work together. For the first time in many years two Italian riders will compete together in MotoGP for an Italian team. This hadn´t happened since 1982, with Team Gallina. For such a proudly patriotic brand as San Carlo it is nice to be able to put a true flavour of Italy out on the track.”

Fausto Gresini Speaks…

“Today was a really special day because a personal dream of mine has been fulfilled – having two top riders contest the MotoGP World Cha$pionship with my team and an Italian sponsor like San Carlo. I am proud to represent Italy around the world and I am looking forward to going racing this year – hopefully we can ensure that our flag flies high at circuits all over the world.”

Marco Melandri Speaks…

“It has been a different and enjoyable day. Professional engagements like this are always good fun as far as I am concerned. This afternoon was like the warm-up and tonight will be like the race, when we go live on air for ‘Griglia di partenza’ on Telenova!”

Marco Simoncelli Speaks…

“I’m really happy to be at this presentation although I would prefer to be on my bike! I think this could be a really good year for us. We need to work well from the start but I really think we can gives ourselves plenty of reason to celebrate!”


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