FIM intensifies MotoGP anti-doping program

In accordance with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Code which was adopted by the FIM in 2003 and in order to intensify its anti-doping testing programme for in and out-of-competition, the FIM has established a registered testing pool which includes riders taking part in its various FIM World Championships.

The 2010 FIM pool comprises riders from the 5 FIM Sporting Commissions (Road Racing (MotoGP), Motocross, Trial, Enduro and Track Racing) who participated in various 2009 FIM World Championships. These riders will have to provide the FIM with their whereabouts information using the on-line "ADAMS" system. However, riders who are not part of the pool remain subject to unexpected out-of-competition testing.

Moreover, all riders remain subject to in-competition testing.


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