Ryan Dungey ready for Supercross San Francisco

After a storybook start to the 2010 Supercross racing season, Rockstar Makita Suzuki’s rookie Ryan Dungey is preparing to take to the track in San Francisco on January 30 for Round 4 of the AMA Supercross. So far, Ryan Dungey has taken home the winner’s trophy two out of three races, and Dungey hasn’t finished lower than second all season.

Team Manager Roger DeCoster is pleased with the way the season has started. With the help of DeCoster and the rest of the team, Dungey has led 43 out of 60 laps in 2010. Despite the great start to the season, the team needs to stay focused.

Roger DeCoster Speaks…

“I knew Ryan was a podium guy,” DeCoster said. “I was confident in him, and he’s doing even better than just getting on the podium. He’s the most consistent racer out there and he’s winning.”

“The team needs to keep its feet on the ground and do one race at a time,” DeCoster said. “We’re doing well, but the championship is a long ways off. We cannot get carried away and think this is it.

Dungey showed a lot of patience on the track for Anaheim 2, and he was very calculating in his race approach. Starting in about fifth place, Dungey methodically moved his way up until he took over the lead in lap 14.

Ryan Dungey Speaks…

“When you have the guys ahead of you, it’s important to not get over your head,” Dungey said. “It was still early in the race and anything could happen; I didn’t want to throw it away but at the same time I wanted to make those passes.”

“This week, I’m going to work on some stuff that we need to work on, that we could be better in,” Dungey said. “We’re just going try to carry the momentum and remember it’s one race at a time, and also to have fun, enjoy it, and let the rest come.”

Dungey finished the race with more than three seconds on the next competitor. With 72 accumulated points, Dungey is currently the leader in the Supercross class.

Round 4 of the AMA Supercross will take place at AT&T Park in San Francisco on January 30.


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