Kawasaki announces 2010 race contingency

The Kawasaki contingency program is back in 2010 with nice support for its Kawasaki racers. With the latest confidence-inspiring 2010 Kawasaki line-up, it is a great time to explore going green and get paid.

Not only is Kawasaki's contingency program one of the more profitable in both off-road and motocross racing to date, Kawasaki racers can take advantage of industry-leading perks. Every Kawasaki rider has access to track-side support, the assurance of award-winning machinery, and the opportunity to take part in the dealer-racer assist program.

"Even in the current economy we are proud to offer one of the most lucrative contingency in the sport," said Reid Nordin, Team Green Manager. "We feel that everyone who races a Kawasaki is a member of Team Green. Our support is second to none in the industry and we strive to see our green machines at the front of every race."

Being part of the Kawasaki program is as easy as following these steps:

1. BUY - Purchase a new or used 2009 or 2010 U.S. model Kawasaki

2. REGISTER - Online at kawasaki.com

3. RACE - Compete in any contingency paying event

4. WIN - There is no claim form to file.

Payments are automatically deposited directly to a Kawasaki Contingency Card, which can be redeemed at any Kawasaki dealer and more than 32 million MasterCard retailers worldwide.

For class payouts and schedules, or more information and the official rules, please visit www.kawasaki.com.


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