Jake Weimer streaks through Anaheim 2

Kawasaki rider Jake Weimer had another great night at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California as he won his heat race and the Supercross Lites main event for the third straight week. Weimer’s Supercross Lites victory at Anaheim 2 marks his third win of the season as well as his fourth win in the last five races at Angel Stadium.

With all the rain in Southern California in the week leading up to the Supercross, Weimer could have easily taken some time off before heading to the races. Instead the Idaho native braved the weather and even put in some mud work to make sure he was ready for whatever the track could throw at him. His hard work is obviously paying off.

Needles to say, Saturday turned out to be a sunny day with a nearly perfect Supercross track. The Dirt Wurx crew that builds the track worked overtime to beat the rain early in the week and then covered the entire floor to keep the water out. When the teams went out for track walk, everyone was pleasantly surprised to see a track that featured some of the best dirt Anaheim has ever seen.

Weimer hasn’t thought about any type of streak as he is still focusing on one race at a time. Although with nearly half the Supercross Lites season in the books for the West Coast riders, Weimer continues to keep his eye on his season goal.

Jake Weimer Speaks…

"Winning three in a row is special. You ride during the week just thinking about the race on Saturday. You can’t think about what happened last week or what is coming up a couple of weeks down the road. I’ve been able to stay focused on what I’m doing and obviously, I’m super happy. There is nothing better than winning and putting your team on the top of the podium."

"Riding this week definitely didn’t hurt. It’s always good to practice and get on the bike. I even made sure I rode in the mud, because we expected it to be muddy. I wanted to stay in my routine as best as I could. If something is working, you don’t change it."

"The championship is the ultimate goal. You just never know in racing. You can never count on something happening. The only time you can count on something is when the checkered flag is flying and you’re done. I’m setting myself up well for the title and I can’t ask for more."

Supercross race action moves to San Francisco’s AT&T Park on January 30th for round 4 of the 2010 series.  


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