YZ450F… Rearward-Slanted Cylinder

YZ450F Rearward-Slanted

Unveiling the new 2010 YZ450F, Yamaha looks to have outdone the competition on this one. Sporting a new aluminum bi-lateral frame, digital power tuner, modern aesthetics and a newly created engine among many other features, in laymen’s terms, this motorcycle is a refined beast.

Yamaha did something extremely innovative this year by reversing how the cyclinder faces in the frame. Yamaha actually positioned the airbox and throttle body toward the front of the motorcycle and the exhaust port faces the rear of the bike. This new rearward-slanted cylinder not only maintains a straighter intake, it also keeps the dirt and dust that flies up from the rear tire away from the intake system.

Also notably, the design of the new Yamaha YZ450F has moved much of the weight and inertial mass to the center of the motorcycle. This gives the new motocrosser a lighter feeling for easier maneuvering. The 2010 YZ450F even comes with a model specific, titanium cylinder head to adapt to both altitude and temperature differences, creating an engine that will perform in any condition you can ride it through.

Add the optional Yamaha GYTR Power Tuner and wrench turners can adjust air/fuel mixture and ignition-timing maps to match the YZ450F engine performance characteristics to the rider and track conditions.

Aside from a list full of features decadent enough to make any gear head drool, the new Yamaha 450 is sleek. The plastics have been revamped for a cutting-edge visage. If you’re not digging the usual team Yamaha blue, there is also the fresh red on white combo. The MSRP is $7,990 for the Team Yamaha Blue/White and $8,090 for the White/Red.


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