Ryan Dungey steals the SX Show

Supercross Rookie

James Stewart may be contending with a new sheriff in town. Rookie sensation Ryan Dungey is garnering a lot of attention and has dominated the track so far this season. Winning his first race in Phoenix during round 2 of the 2010 AMA Supercross, Dungey held the lead throughout every lap. Not to mention he led all but the last 3 laps at Anaheim 1, just barely losing out to James Stewart.

It really shouldn’t be any surprise that Dungey is shaping up to be a racing powerhouse. Aside from being bred into a family of racing, he was handpicked by manager Roger DeCoster and also trained under 15-time Supercross/Motocross Champion Ricky Carmichael. He has even trained with James Stewart.

While it takes more than two races to determine that one is deserving of true greatness, Dungey’s career has been illustrious since joining the single-digit-wearing pro ranks in 2007. He led team USA to victory at the 2009 Motocross des Nations and has won 18 races in just 3 short years.

While he’s not completely unfamiliar competing on a 450, his debut to the Supercross 450 class is undoubtedly impressive. Few riders out there can claim to keep pace with James Stewart let alone keep him in their dust tails for 17 laps, particularly in their rookie season.

It’s still early in the 2010 season but Ryan Dungey may very well be the rider to steal the Supercross throne during what is suppose to be the James Stewart era of Supercross racing.