James Stewart | Nike Motocross Boots

Nike Motorcross Boots

It looks as though Nike is trying their hand at every marketable sport. Confirmed on Racer X the other day, James Stewart and Ryan Dungey will be wearing Nike motorcross boots at the Anaheim I Supercross. With any luck, Nike will bring more mainstream exposure to Supercross and the talents they are sponsoring.

James Stewart was officially announced as a member of ‘Nike Team 6.0′ in March of 2009 and Nike was also added as an associate sponsor of the San Manuel Yamaha Supercross team. Stewart had previously sported Fox Racing gear as well as Alpinestars boots.

One spot of moto clothing not currently occupied by corporate sponsors is the "butt patch." Stewart is running a contest for original custom artwork to grace his backside or rather, seat side. 5 winners will be chosen by the Stewart and each design will be unveiled at one of five stops on the Supercross series tour.