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As much as we prefer to ride our motorcycles to whatever destination we have in mind, it is certainly not a practical option for those of us who own race bikes and dirt bikes. Securing our bikes in the bed of a truck is always a challenge, particularly when two motorcycles are involved.

Dunlop Development’s Tuff Hook is a professional-grade cargo management system that is effective for motorcycles, and anything else that is transported in the bed of a truck. Not a one-trick pony, the Tuff Hook’s features have multiple advantageous applications, making the most of what appears to be a simple product.
For the most industrious truck owner, installation of the Tuff Hook is a do-it-yourself proposition.

We deferred to the professionals, and had the system expertly installed by Sato’s Auto Repair in Los Angeles-about a two-hour job. The installation on my Toyota Tundra SR5 4×4 did require some drilling, and the Tuff Hook has anti-theft aspects, so consider it to be a permanent installation. Once in, the rigidity of the thick-gauge powdercoated steel is impressive and effective.

The heart of the Tuff Hook is the front rail, which serves to reinforce the front of the bed-crucial when tying down heavy motorcycles-and as a mounting point for the included cargo system accessories. Along the rail, wheel chocks and tie-down eyelets can be placed for optimum stability. Using a fast-pin with a cotter ring, these pieces can be quickly repositioned as needed. An optional bicycle mount is also available, with the same fast-pin mounting system.

With the moveable eyelets on the front rail and three tie-down holes on each of the two side wings, tying down any motorcycle is a breeze. The Tuff Hook eliminates the need to run tie-downs over fenders or through wheels, thanks to the many tie-down location options. And, the added strength to the bed is frosting on a very appealing cake.


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