Motorcycle Types Adventure / Dual-Sport Motion Pro T-6 Tool Pack | Review

Motion Pro T-6 Tool Pack | Review

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It’s in the bag. If you are a fan of motorcycle-specific tools, parts and gadgets, you are undoubtedly familiar with Motion Pro. With specialty tools and custom-cables for everything from American V-twins to dirt bikes, Motion Pro spans the motorcycling world.

Adventure, dual sport and enduro riders often need to take their tools with them when they hit the backcountry. While some bikes have bags and boxes, often it is up to the rider to carry the tool on his body. With pointy tools, that means a purpose-built fanny pack is essential.

T-6 Tool Pack

Motion Pro’s T-6 tool pack, constructed of durable 1680 denier nylon, is something of a miniature toolbox that buckles around your waist. The comfortable two-inch wide belt has adjusters for a custom fit, two small compartments, and an area for accessory carrying pieces, such as the water bottle we employed. The part of the bag contacting the rider is covered with non-slip material, keeping the bag in place when riding over rough terrain. Behind that rests an integrated rain cover for inclement weather.

The T-6 has a capacity of nearly 3000cc, with the design offering a variety of ways to maximize the use of available space. The cavernous main compartment is over ten inches wide, making room for longer tools, such as tire irons. An outer storage pocket is equally wide but not nearly as deep.

Both are secured underneath a large flap that contains a small foldout mat for placing tools and parts in sloppy conditions. The mat is held on by a Velcro-like hook-and-loop system and removable, which is fortunate, as it does tend to get in the way when opening and closing the main flap. The flap itself is held down by sturdy hook-and-loop, as well as by two plastic quick release buckles. The T-6 is clearly the result of years of fine-tuning by perfectionists.

A great bag, of course, requires great tools and Motion Pro is there ready to oblige.

MP Tool Metric

Small in size, but huge in utility, the MP Tool Metric is a small pouch, just a few inches wide, that carrying a stunning array of assemble-it-yourself tools-just perfect for the budding MacGyver. There are not even names for these little tools, as they are purpose-built for the system. Rather, it is the list of what it can do that is stunning.

The MP Tool Metric can be used to remove 8, 10, 12 and 14mm bolts, #2 & #3 Phillips screws, small and medium straight-slot screws, plus 5 and 6mm Allen bolts. Plus there is a ¼-inch and 3/8-inch socket driver, with 10mm and 12mm ¼-inch drive sockets (add your own sockets as needed). To be able to fit that much utility into a couple of cubic inches is amazing. They are not shop tools, but the hard nickel pewter finish pieces are durable and get the job done out on the trails. The MP Tool Metric has bailed me out more than once.

Combo Levers

If you are the type of rider who prepares for punctured tubes, and you should be if you stray far from base, the T-6 Combo Lever 12/13mm and T-6 Combo Lever 32 (or 22, 24 or 27, depending on your bike) are an amazing pair, especially when matched to the 3/8-inch Drive Adapter. The Combo Levers have an effective tire spoon on one end, and a hex wrench on the other. The 12/13mm will release the pinch bolts on the forks and rim locks, and the larger version is there for your axle nuts (one side is 12mm, 13mm when flipped over). Gently tipping the scales at a featherweight 3.5 ounces each, these forged aluminum levers are not as long as shop levers, nor as durable as steel, but the Combo Levers are perfect for emergency on-site fixes.

On the larger Combo Lever, a Lever Adaptor to a 3/8-inch drive can be slipped into the hex, giving you a wrench with considerable leverage. Made of aluminum with a chrome vanadium steel insert, it is a strong socket drive and rated to 90 ft/lbs. The Lever Adaptor has a knurled edge, so it can be turned by hand in tight spaces-brilliant.

TiProlight Titanium Combination Wrenches

You will not think you need titanium wrenches until you pick these babies up. If the TiProlight wrenches were any lighter, they would float away. Made of rust-proof and corrosion-proof titanium alloy, these 8, 10, 12 and 13mm wrenches add almost no weight to the pack, but work as fine tools on the trail, with the hex heads slightly offset. Motion Pro does not recommend these tools for everyday use in the shop, but they will likely last a lifetime if saved for when needed on the trail.

Tri Drive Mini T-Handle

T-handles are perfect for working on a motorcycle, so there is no reason not to carry one along with you. The Tri Drive Mini T-Handle has a ¼-inch drive socket at each tip of the T, and a six-inch drive shaft length so it fits in your T-6 bag easily. The chrome vanadium T has a nickel pewter finish, so it feels and looks good. The matching 8, 10, 12 and 13mm sockets attach securely, and with your choice of three installed at the same time, this is a highly versatile tool.

T-6 Chain Breaker and Chain Press

Chain problems can be catastrophic when far from headquarters. The Motion Pro T-6 Chain Breaker and Chain Press gives you all the pieces you need to do anything short of riveting master link or chain pins, and it weighs just eight ounces (pouch included). Putting a master link back on an O-ring chain is not an easy job, but the Chain Press makes short work of it. All that is needed is a 14mm wrench or socket, and I will refer you to the MP Tool Metric for that. The pouch also has extra room for spare master links and other small chain essentials.


That just scratches the surface of the amazing variety of trail tools offered by Motion Pro. You can add or subtract tools as needed (BMW 1200 GS owners will not need a chain breaker, for instance). Once you become accustomed to the personal security that comes with carrying a fully equipped tool bag when taking on Mother Nature on her terms, you will consider this piece of “apparel” to be as essential as a helmet or boots.

Don Williams
Don Williams
With 45 years of riding experience, Don Williams is a fan of all kinds of motorcycles. He enjoys sport bikes, cruisers, dirt bikes, touring bikes, adventure bikes, dual sport bikes, and rideable customs. Ask Don what his favorite bike is and he will tell you, "Whatever bike I'm on."

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