CR&S DUU concept motorcycle unveiled

The CR&S "DUU" (*) is a "concept bike" which will be unveiled November 10/15 at the Milano Int. Bike Show - EICMA [CR&S: Hall. 2 - Booth I-30]. It will be a naked, two-seater premium motorcycle with a modular layout. Two Western Motorcycle Cultures will be synthesized inside the "DUU": a sporty European rolling chassis powered by a muscular American v-twin. The DUU will provide intuitive and fun riding, with a technological approach plus styling innovation.

The CR&S DUU is equipped with the new S&S "X-Wedge" engine with a capacity of 1916cc (117c.i.). Last year S&S celebrated its 50th Anniversary by creating this unique engine as a synthesis of its experience and technology. The X-Wedge is a new engine in the American tradition of big twins, which meets the latest emission and noise standards, but with a special character and high performance.

CR&S introduced the concept of a "tailor-made motorcycle" by its first model, the "VUN". Beginning with the standard version, each customer chooses his motorcycle through a wide range of technical and aesthetic options.

The DUU extends this concept, now synonymous with the CR&S brand. In addition to technical and aesthetic options, the DUU allows different configurations. The CR&S DUU begins with a single and/or two-seater base module, which provides the main needs of the rider while offering countless configuration options, without affecting functionality or the aesthetic form.

An innovative motorcycle, "modular and muscular", built from high quality, durable materials and best components, with a powerful, rugged and reliable engine. This is the desire of the "mature" motorcyclist, who demands certainty, continuity and top-value in terms of design and technology.

Just like the VUN, the DUU is a real CR&S: a motorcycle made for "bikers" by "bikers". The DUU, a motorcycle to satisfy a sophisticated and intuitive market of enthusiasts who are aware of things that meet their needs and are made to last. The DUU, never neglecting the vital aspects of a "premium" motorcycle: emotion and character.

CR&S expects to deliver the first DUU in Europe by 2011. Target price, for the base model, is € 20,000.00 on the road, with a production volume of a few dozen units per year. Each motorcycle tailor-made, by hand, one at a time.

(*)"DUU" in Milanese dialect is for "Two": Two-liter, Two-cylinder, Two-seater.


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