24-Hours of Glen Helen top two-stroke

More than 60 race teams showed up to do battle at the annual HYR Endurance Series 24-Hours of Glen Helen Endurance Race. When the dust finally cleared, David had once again beaten Goliath as Zip-Ty Racing finished top 2-stroke in the field and put the little Husqvarna WR300 ahead of many of the factory 450 4-strokes for third overall. "Not bad for a bike we just took delivery of a few days ago," says Zip-Ty team captain, Ty Davis, the winningest rider in Glen Helen 24-Hour Endurance Race history.

"Of course it didn’t help that we ran out of gas and lost a lap," admits Davis. As it was, the team of Davis, Gary Sutherlin, Chris Keefer and Trent Pugmire completed 38 laps, right behind the second place bike (the winning factory team did 40 laps). "The 4th place team was 10 laps behind us!" A true testament to the tough as nails Husqvarna 2-stroke.

Ty Davis Speaks…

"The bike was flawless… we didn’t even change the oil!" Besides being bullet-proof, the WR300 was easier on the riders and tires; both critical factors in a race as tough and as long at the grueling 24 Hour event. "We did three complete tire changes, but honestly could have easily completed the race with two," explains Davis. "The WR300 is much lighter, easier to corner and handles better than the heavier 4-strokes we raced against – It’s also a lot of fun to ride and it makes excellent power!" 

With the temperature topping 95 degrees during the day, and having to run with lights in pitch dark during the night, the endurance event provides its own unique set of challenges. "This was also Trent and Gary’s first 24-Hour," Davis adds. "They both rode well." In fact, the only real drama other than running out of gas was losing a banjo bolt from the front brake’s master cylinder. The team had to ride a lap with no front brakes, but was quickly back to 100% after a brief pit stop.

"Always prepare for the worst in this race – winning is about the whole package, not just because you have the fastest riders. You can’t win it on speed alone because in a long tough race like this one it’s about keeping the bike going and and being more prepared than the other guys," claims Davis. "Fortunately in our case we had the best bike and fast riders!"