Buell discontinues production

Buell has provided some information for Buell customers regarding the recent announcement by Harley-Davidson.

Why is Harley-Davidson discontinuing Buell after the recent new product introductions, racing success and new brand efforts?

The Company made the decision to discontinue the Buell product line as part of its strategy to focus on growth through the Harley-Davidson brand.

What will happen to the Buell motorcycles currently in dealer inventory?

Buell dealers will sell remaining motorcycle inventories. There will be no more Buell motorcycles produced.

Why should I buy a new Buell when you are discontinuing production?

The innovative features and overall quality of Buell motorcycles provide an outstanding ownership experience. The Company may be discontinuing the production of Buell motorcycles, but they are extremely exciting motorcycles to ride and own. The Company will continue to provide normal warranties on new motorcycles and provide parts and service support. Buell motorcycles offer an overall value proposition that is very compelling.

How good of a deal can I get on a new Buell?

See your local Buell dealer for his remaining available inventory and prices.

Will I be able to get financing for a new Buell?

HDFS will continue to finance Buell motorcycles. Please see your dealer for details.

How will I get my Buell serviced? Will you honor my warranty?

Authorized Buell Service Providers will provide warranty, service and repair work. And Harley-Davidson expects to be providing replacement parts and service for as many years as required market by market. Of course we will honor all of our warranties.

What about Buell racing and privateer Buell race teams? Will there be contingency programs like they have had in the past?

Buell will continue to supply parts to dealers to support racers who want to go racing next season. However, the racing support program and contingency will be discontinued.

Are any of the brand’s models going to be available as Harley-Davidson models?

Harley-Davidson has no plans to produce Buell motorcycles as Harley-Davidson products.

Will Harley-Davidson be using any Buell designs or incorporating Buell technology into the H-D product line?

Buell has introduced many advancements in motorcycle design and technology over the years. Harley-Davidson will continue to benefit from that knowledge going forward and it’s possible that some of this technology will find its way into a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

For other questions related to Harley-Davidson or Buell, please see your local dealer.