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Recognizing the ideal link between motorbike design and graphic arts, Ducati introduces its fine art prints collection. At the forefront of motorbike innovation and design, Ducati now offers its enthusiasts the possibility to decorate their living and working spaces with authentic Ducati artworks created by international graphic artists and photographers passionate about motorbikes and technical design products. They express the passion and design of Ducati bikes through the language of graphic art and art photography. The artworks can be purchased exclusively from the Ducati art prints web store: ducatiart.com and will be available at selected Ducati stores.

The Ducati Official Art Prints Collection

Ducati art prints are authentic, limited edition, fine art giclée prints, created by young talents and established graphic artists, reproduced on museum quality media.

The launch collection features three themes: The Bikes, Racing Art and Ducati Icons&Vintage. The Bikes Collection features subjects which concentrate on Ducati’s most important bikes. The Racing Art Collection features subjects inspired by key racing moments while the Icons&Vintage Collection concentrates on Ducati iconography and images, inspired by Ducati’s vast heritage.

On Ducatiart.com collectors have the possibility to choose the media of reproduction and size of their favourite subject, according to their aesthetic tastes and interior decoration style. They can choose between four different media (Canvas, Fine Art Paper, Cultbond and Cultplex) and between 15 different sizes which range from 25cmx25cm to 405cmx135cm. Each artwork purchased on Ducatiart.com is individually crafted and tailored to the individual order.

The Editions

Ducati artworks are realized in numbered, limited or unique editions. Limited editions range from unique artworks (1/1) to editions of maximum 100 pieces.

The artworks are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and limited edition, guaranteeing their originality and collector value. All subjects are authentic and original creations exclusive to Ducati.

The Artists

The illustrators, graphic artists and photographers selected by Ducati and Cultwork, to create the Ducati Art Prints launch collection are: Mirko Pohle, Mk, Ottavio Di Chio, Chiara Gasparetto, Luca Imerito, Serena Zanello, Flavio Chirico, Sophie Natta, Stefano Videtta, Terry Frencken, Undesign, Paolo Gattuso, Daniel Peh, Veronica Servente, Andrea Mariani and Gabriel Phillips. The collection develops continuously through new artists, subjects, styles and special editions.

Ducati and Cultwork

Ducati Fine Art is a venture between Ducati and Cultwork. Cultwork is a unique worldwide artist’s network and a leading art-on-demand operator which creates and produces fine art prints editions, exclusively dedicated to aficionados of legendary products, in collaboration with iconic brands.




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