Kawasaki raise over $1400 for ‘Road 2 Recovery’

Kawasaki’s Racing and Team Green departments at Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A. held a bake sale on Wednesday, September 16 to raise money for the Road 2 Recovery Foundation. Kawasaki’s enthusiastic employees donated their time to collectively create a variety of delectable treats for the sale that generated just over $700. Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A. generously matched that amount bringing the grand total to more than $1400 for the worthy charity.

The bake sale was the third of a "Pay It Forward" idea that brings Kawasaki’s different departments together throughout the year to raise money for the charity of their choice. The racing department felt strongly that it should give back to its racing community, eventually choosing Road 2 Recovery as its designated charity.

"Road 2 Recovery does such great work with the riders in our racing community and we just wanted to make sure we gave back to them," said bake sale coordinator and racing administrative Diana Porte. "I am so happy we had such a great response. The people at Kawasaki have great hearts and I consider the sale a huge success."


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