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This week on the Motorcycle Radio Network, Ultimate Motorcycling Online is back and getting even with Bill and Todd for not having him on the show since July. What is the best way to torment the Blockhead Boys? Simple – strap on a Cardo Scala Rider-equipped helmet and bring a 2010 Buell Ulysses for a Real Time Road Test!

So why is that so hard on the guys? Todd wants a new Ulysses so bad that he was calling Mike days before the show to get the scoop on how well Buell’s Adventure Bike works with its new updates. And hearing Mike rip around Ultimate Motorcycling Online’s M1 Test Facility just makes it worse! The rant of Buell’s Active Exhaust mixes with the roar of the intake to provide a symphony that will push even the most jaded inline-4 desciple to admit that there is something about Buell’s most versatile mount.

And Bill, well, let’s just say Bill would prefer to call it the Buell XB12X, or the Buell Adventure Motorcycle, or the Buell Do-It-All-Very-Well-Great-All-Around-Motorcycle-That-You-Can-Ride-Anywhere-Anytime.

You see, Bill would call it anything so he won’t have to say the word “Ulysses”…

What is it that draws Todd to the Ulysses like Kanye West to an awards show microphone?

You can listen to the podcast of the show here.

In Motorcycle News this week, we’re watching as AMA Team USA competes in the 2009 Trial des Nations in Darfo Boario Terme, Italy this weekend. Congratulations and best wishes to Will Ibsen, Patrick Smage, Cody Webb and Keith Wineland for their selection to the men’s team as they compete in the World Class, as well as Louise Forsley, Sarah Duke and Caroline Allen as they push their limits to beat last year’s exceptional seventh-place finishes. For more information, check out the AMA Press Release at Ultimate Motorcycling Online.

Last but not least, have you heard about "Tool of the Year" contender J. Dante Krauss? It would seem that Marion County, FL deputies spotted him riding his motorcycle on local roads just as he entered Interstate 75. Captain Mike Rolls of the Marion County Sheriff’s Department turned on the blue lights (no doubt suspecting that Krauss knew Bill Miko), eventually pulling him over in a Red Roof Inn parking lot where they asked him a simple question. Other news reports carried the rest of the story in print, but Ultimate Motorcycling Online has the dash cam video from the police car as deputies continue their search for the answer to the question, "Why are you naked?" This, however, isn’t what makes him a contender in the "Tool" championship. It’s because authorities have charged him with Driving Under the Influence (DUI). For the fifth time. Todd thinks this "Tool" is well on his way to a podium spot!!


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