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Solitary Man

Comfortable seating on a motorcycle, particularly a cruiser, is as personal as our posteriors. While Kawasaki’s Vulcan 900 Custom certainly has a fine seat, connoisseurs looking for an ideal perch have the Willie & Max Black Label seats to consider.

For riders who prefer to ride solo, a dual seat is a visual distraction, calling attention to a passenger who is not present. Eliminating the rear appendage requirement for the Black Label Solo seat allowed Willie & Max to concentrate on idealizing the contours to the solitary pilot.

By going solo, W&M was able to lengthen the seating area, giving the rider an opportunity to fine-tune his riding position. Using properly firm padding, the thin profile of the stock seat is retained, but taller riders can now be more comfortably accommodated thanks to the ability to scoot back a few critical inches. Further, the front of the Solo has been widened, giving your thighs more support when riding; the stock seat has comfort-robbing contours to assist the shortest-inseamed riders when at a stop.

Willie & Max’s choice of a synthetic leather-claimed to not fade, peel, crack, stain, mold, mildew or take on water-is worthy of note. The stock Vulcan 900 seat is a bit on the slippery side, forcing the rider to reposition himself after inevitable sliding during acceleration or braking. While it doesn’t look textured, the seating area of the Solo seat is considerably grippier, giving the rider a stable saddle that, in conjunction with the wider front, means all-day excursions are welcome.

Installing the Solo seat takes a few minutes, at most, as the simple mounting hardware must be transferred-a job that anyone with a wrench can easily accomplish. Vulcan 900 owners who like the Willie & Max Black Label option, can also choose a separate passenger pillon, or a Two Up Touring seat. The Black Label seats are also available for a variety of Kawasaki, Honda and Suzuki cruisers.


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