Lean-burn standard on Royal Enfield USA models

Royal Enfield USA announces that the Lean-Burn AVL engine will now come standard on all of its classically styled models. The Bullet Classic with the Lean-Burn engine arrived stateside just this January and as of July all of the models can be purchased with the new, highly reliable engine style.

Along with this announcement comes the news that Royal Enfield USA has been sent the final shipment of Bullets featuring the 70-year-old cast-iron engine, which has the distinction of being in production longer than any other motorcycle engine in history.

These final edition bikes are available now. This is the last opportunity to purchase the cast-iron versions, which offer a riding experience circa 1955, with a manufacturers warranty.

The Lean-Burn engine was developed by the Austrian firm, AVL, and, in contrast to the cast-iron version, offers extraordinary fuel mileage in addition to electronic ignition, a smooth operating Mikuni CV carburetor, a better cooling alloy cylinder, a stronger crankshaft and connecting rod, improved oiling and a host of other features. Since its release on the Electra, the response has been very positive and the engine is proving to be very reliable in service.

Royal Enfield USA, a division of Classic Motorworks, is the exclusive licensed distributor of Royal Enfield motorcycles in direct affiliation with Royal Enfield, founded in Redditch, England and manufactured and headquartered in Chennai, India since 1955. 


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