“Take It To The Limit” motorcycle charity tour

The Healing Arts Education Foundation recently announced plans to begin their Take It To The Limit charity tour.

The Healing Arts Education Foundation is a 501c3 charitable organization dedicated to the accurate communication of alternative medical information through the most efficient medium available. After being diagnosed with prostate cancer, the Foundation’s founder, Peter Starr, made it his personal mission to use his years of filmmaking experience and talent to help his fellow man by providing effective information about alternative medical treatments for the disease. Starr describes his mission as, "To provide information in an easily assimilated form – video DVD – so men can make an informed decision."

Peter Starr developed a career and reputation in the motorcycle industry for producing top-quality documentary films about the sport. One of those films, Take It To The Limit, is universally recognized as possibly the sport’s greatest single filmmaking achievement. Starr now hopes to use the film to support his Healing Arts Education Foundation and provide a much-needed educational service in the process.

Starr’s vision is to raise money for the Foundation through screenings of Take It To The Limit in cities and towns across North America. The Foundation will use motorcycle clubs to promote the screening and sell tickets for a local theatre. The classic motorcycle film will be shown in its original, unedited format complete with Dolby Stereo sound and one of the best soundtracks ever captured for a powersports film. All proceeds go to the Prostate Cancer Initiative of The Healing Arts Education Foundation.

Motorcycle clubs and organizations interested in promoting the film in their area should contact Steven Adams with The Healing Arts Education Foundation at sadams905@roadrunner.com or visit www.takeittothelimit.tv for more information.


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