Wire Plus “Smooth” motorcycle power port (photos)

Wire Plus Power Sports Electronics announced today the introduction of their new "Smooth" single motorcycle Power Port. Now you can power your cell phone, heated vest, air compressor, cigarette lighter, GPS device or any electrical device up to 15 amps, anytime you ride your motorcycle. Get rid of dangling wires and connect a battery charger through the port when you’re not riding. You can actually maintain and charge your battery through this port.

All Power Ports can be installed in minutes by connecting two wires to your battery and attaching the unit directly on the horn bolt or to any other location with one bolt mounting. These small compact Smooth Power Ports are constructed from billet aluminum, available in luxurious chrome or black powder coated finishes and are manufactured right here in the USA. With Power Ports from Wire Plus, you will always have immediate power right at your fingertips every time you ride …Anywhere!

For those interested in obtaining more information on Wire Plus, you can reach them at (620) 221-2417 or check them out online at www.wire-plus.com or email them at sales@wire-plus.com.



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