Peter Fonda selects Davida Helmet for Easy Rider 40th (photos)

When Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper set off in search of "America" in ’69, Hopper went for a beat-up old hat to complete his gear whilst Fonda opted for the now iconic Captain America/Stars and Stripes open-face Jet. What they found out there (freedom, insights and some harsh truths amongst other things) was to have a profound influence not only on audiences but on film-making itself.

The ideas of freedom both literally and artistically in Easy Rider created the "New Hollywood" and it would never be the same again. At the same time it seemed to sum up the conflicts and contradictions of the counter-culture and the changes that were sweeping the States.

Cut to 40 years later, scene: The Goodwood Festival of Speed, Fonda is putting in a time on the hill climb on a replica of that bike that went down the blacktop back in ’69, alas the original bikes will probably never be found although one was restored and resides now in a museum. This time round however he opted for a Captain America Jet helmet hand-made in England by Davida U.K a company that specialises in high quality, open-face helmets with lush colour schemes and designs, often bespoke.

Their creations are very much inspired by the same notions of freedom that Easy Rider so resonantly expressed and of course they are very proud that Peter chose to wear one of their helmet for this anniversary celebration of one of the most important films not just for motorcycling but for so much else besides.

For more information contact your local Davida Dealer or Distributor. Alternatively contact Davida regarding availability in your area.

Photos by Paul Melbert


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