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Ducati Travel Bag

We seem to love all things Italian; Ferrari, food, fashion and of course our fanciful Ducati. So when it came time to look for more Monster upgrades, we could help not but surf the Ducati Monster Accessories catalog. We found an intimate selection of well-crafted bits that caught our attention including the ingenious two-piece tail bag.

The Ducati rear luggage fits by simply removing the two side-bolts and the factory installed solo seat cover. The rear bag then fits snuggly over the stern of the seat curvature and is held securely by the two side-bolts. Once the base of the bag is mounted, it forms a non-slip seat surface for the passenger. Based on the slope of the standard seat we found another additional, unexpected benefit, where it also helped the passenger from sliding forward into the rider.

The base of the bag includes two side pockets. The pockets are cleverly situated under the passenger's legs and are completely out of harms way in all riding situations. We found them ideal for carrying a wallet, garage door clicker, sunglasses and camera during our favorite day trips.

The top portion of the bag simply zips to the base to form an additional 18 liters of storage while converting back to a solo seat. The space is enough to pack for a short overnighter or fit an extra helmet (with some bits packed around it) for your awaiting passenger. Ingeniously you can then unzip and convert the top portion into a backpack and be off for a spirited two-up ride.

The quality utility bag is constructed with synthetic materials that are water and UV resistant for extend life.

Stay tuned as we continue to upgrade our Ducati Monster before it appears in our print magazine at the end of this year. (SKU code #96766709B)


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