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ACCEL Motorcycle offers Self-Learning Module for Harley-Davidson

The new ACCEL Self-Learning Module is now available for all fuel injected Harley-Davidson models with both Magneti-Marelli and Delphi ECU’s, even the 2008-2009 Touring models with Throttle by Wire systems. This self learning technology compensates for changing loads, weather conditions and altitude while you ride. Automatically re-calibrates and optimizes for modifications such as; exhaust pipes, intake, air cleaners and cams.

>> IMPROVES MILEAGE while increasing POWER and TORQUE for stock and modified applications… plus reduces emissions

>> AUTOMATIC RE-CALIBRATION – optimizes for modifications such as exhaust pipes, intake, air cleaners, cams, etc

>> EASY INSTALLATION – direct plug-in connections to factory Throttle Position Sensor, Crank Position Sensor & O2 Sensors

>> SELF LEARNING – automatically compensates for changing loads, weather conditions and altitude while you ride: no need for costly dyno tuning sessions or downloading calibration files to a lap top

>> SMOOTHER RUNNING ENGINE – Eliminates the "bang & pop" associated with mis-programmed ECU due to intake and exhaust modifications and no need to re-flash the factory ECU; simply plug it in and ride

ACCEL Motorcycle Products is a division of Prestolite Performance, specializing in high quality ignition and electrical components for American made Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Our 8.0 SS Plug Wires are designed to work with fuel injection systems and still offer a low 500-ohms per foot of resistance. We also carry complete Charging System Kits and U-Groove Spark Plugs for Fuel Injected Harley’s.

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