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  • ACCEL Motorcycle offers Self-Learning Module for Harley-Davidson

    ACCEL Motorcycle offers Self-Learning Module for Harley-Davidson

    The new ACCEL Self-Learning Module is now available for all fuel injected Harley-Davidson models with both Magneti-Marelli and Delphi ECU’s, even the 2008-2009 Touring models with Throttle by Wire systems. This self learning technology compensates for changing loads, weather conditions and altitude while you ride. Automatically re-calibrates and optimizes for modifications such as; exhaust pipes, intake, air cleaners and cams.

    >> IMPROVES MILEAGE while increasing POWER and TORQUE for stock and modified applications… plus reduces emissions

  • 2008 BMS Choppers Nehmesis | Motorcycle Review

    2008 BMS Choppers Nehmesis | Motorcycle Review

    The gene pool of custom motorcycle design bedazzles us. Builders are going beyond the bling to create works of art that range from minimalist to the Byzantine. In the case of Florida-based Sam Nehme, he has mixed equal parts H.R. Giger and Gianni Versace to serve up a two-wheeled cocktail that intoxicates on the first sip: Nehmesis is his most potent concoction yet.

  • Travertson Motorcycles V-Rex | Review

    Travertson Motorcycles V-Rex | Review

    Custom Bike

    "I’ve always been an extremist," Frenchman-turned-Floridian Christian Travert says as he swivels around in his chair and smiles. He displays 17 months of design work: 4,972 computer files with pre-production renderings of his V-Rex motorcycle. Clearly, he is extreme in his perfectionism.

  • 2007 Bimota DB6 Delirio | Motorcycle Test

    2007 Bimota DB6 Delirio | Motorcycle Test

    As a manufacturer of motorcycles, Bimota brings to mind a quaint, privately owned coffee house among a sea of innocuous, conglomerate-run establishments crowding the landscape. As is usually the case with any exclusive, artistic hang-out, you may have to go a little farther out of your way, pay a little more, and the service may not be especially attentive. But for the connoisseur who appreciates the ambience as much as the coffee, it is unquestionably worth it.

  • NCR Millona One Shot | Superbike Review

    NCR Millona One Shot | Superbike Review

    Ducati Power

    Tucked in behind the windscreen of the NCR Millona One Shot, rapidly reeling in blurring pavement on the steep banking of Fontana’s California Speedway, my peripheral vision caught the flashing red shift indicator light. Having not counted the shifts and traveling at this speed, I assumed all the available gears had been exhausted. Out of curiosity, I chopped the throttle for a millisecond and tapped the shifter. My inquisitiveness revealed that sixth gear was still virgin territory.

  • Redneck Engineering Undresser | Custom Bike

    Redneck Engineering Undresser | Custom Bike

    Hot Rod Coupe

    The custom motorcycle builder might reshape John Stuart Mill’s declaration of personal freedom “Over one’s mind and over one’s motorcycle the individual is sovereign.” The creative team at Redneck Engineering Liberty, S.C., takes that freedom to heart. Iconoclasts wry slogan is “We don’t care how they do it on the Coast,” this custom crew is winning awards and converts notable interpretations, such as their recent re-look at a Vincent Black Shadow.