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AJS and Matchless Motorcycles

Motorcycle Apprentice is an inspirational story of a young London lad who, with little prospects and no academic credentials, built a successful career based on an apprenticeship with Associated Motor Cycles (AMC).

Using period photos and documents to complement the story of his own rise from apprentice to Managing Director, Motorcycle Apprentice author Bill Cakebread reveals the inner workings of the Associated Motor Cycles factory as only an insider can. During his tenure from 1958 to 1966 at the company that built AJS and Matchless motorcycles, he worked in various shops at AMC, as well as the racing and design departments.

Cakebread provides fascinating anecdotes and vignettes from the Plumstead, London factory to tie the story together. Written in an austerely friendly style, Motorcycle Apprentice is an engaging and detailed read for fans of both English motorcycling and gritty self-improvement.

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Photo by Don Williams


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