Harley-Davidson backs World Championship of Custom Bike Building

Harley-Davidson has signed on as an Official Partner of AMD's World Championship of Custom Bike Building and title sponsor of the Modified Harley Class.

"This deal came together very quickly and effortlessly," said AMD Publisher and World Championship owner Robin Bradley. "At all stages of the dialog Harley-Davidson has not only been mindful of the event's integrity and independence but repeatedly made it clear that its reputation was a primary factor in motivating them to want to find a way of helping support the Championship Program's aims.

"For me the hot news is that Harley's approach has been 100 percent supportive of our insistence on being able to manage the program without dependency on any one primary sponsor, and without any sponsor being able to buy influence over event policy. We made it clear from the outset that they would not be permitted to turn it into a company bike show," Bradley said.

"By having a market-driven approach to how it has developed the World Championship program, AMD Magazine has achieved its aims of building an event that genuinely showcases the cutting edge of customization," said Steve Earnshaw, Marketing Director, Harley-Davidson Parts & Accessories.



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