Dainese and AGV at Infineon

There was one very important motorcycle fan that came to Infineon to support his team: Michael Jordan.
The Michael Jordan Suzuki Team, this year teaming up with National Guard, is sponsored by Dainese that provide leathers to Geoff May and Aaron Yates.

Michael, after enjoying the qualifications on friday, jumped on a bike and went for a ride in the beautiful countryside of Sonoma protected with an AGV helmet. The helmet was one of the many helmets from the National Guard Jordan Suzuki Racing Experience: the 2-up program sponsored by Dainese and AGV. This program provides an exclusive on-track experience for members of the media and selected guests at each round of the AMA National Guard Pro Racing Superbike Series. All riders are protected "head-to-toe" with Dainese leathers, gloves, boots and AGV helmets confirming the safety mission for both Dainese, AGV and National Guard.


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