Ducati Hypermotard in “Terminator Salvation” movie

Ducati North America announced today that moviegoers and fans of the highly anticipated actioner "Terminator Salvation" will see Ducati’s popular Hypermotard 1100 take new form as Moto-Terminators when the movie hits theaters May 21.

"This movie is all about technology taken to such a high level that it becomes an art form," said "Terminator Salvation" director McG. "To me that fits as a description of Ducati. The bikes came through like champions." McG was so fond of the Hypermotard he actually purchased one of the four bikes used on the New Mexico set.

Computer graphics were used to create the Moto-Terminators based on the design and performance of the Hypermotard, however the actual bikes were used for all the stunt riding in the film. Ducati also collaborated with Warner Bros. to develop a custom trailer for "Terminator Salvation," which shows exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from the making of the Hypermotard scenes.

"The Hypermotard is becoming a real celebrity in its own right. This is its second appearance in a major motion picture this year," said Ducati North America CEO Michael Lock. The Hypermotard was also featured in Warner Bros. Pictures hit comedy "Yes Man," with Jim Carrey.


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