Tour Master Solution Waterproof | Motorcycle Boots Review

The Solution When Rain Appears (and when it disappears)

This test is a long-time coming. I’ve had these Solution Waterproof road boots for a few of years and have worn them for at least 100 rides. In fact, they date back to the time when they were sold under the Cortech banner (a sister company to Tour Master).

Certainly, this is a boot I run to when it looks like rain. The one-piece, molded rubber sole is integrated into the waterproof leather that absolutely keeps water at bay. Higher on the boot, waterproof thread is used where stitching attached the left boot’s shift toe guard, the molded ankle protector and the upper portions of the boot. Inside, the boot uses a King Tex waterproof, breathable membrane to keep the foot dry, whether it is from precipitation or sweat.

Not only are these boots practical when it rains, but they are also extremely comfortable with great feel for the foot controls. They lack the protection offered by racing or pure-sport boots, as there’s no plastic, aluminum or carbon fiber to be found. Available in pure black, the Solution boots are designed for touring, but they are also perfectly acceptable when pressed into light sport duty or when hopping on a cruiser.

Thanks to a slight heel and plenty of flexibility, the boots work well when walking, and the styling doesn’t scream “motorcycle boot” in places where you aren’t advertising your avocation (in the photos, they’re worn with Cortech’s new Mod denim riding jeans). A long YKK side zipper and wide hook-and-loop closures at the top of the boot make the Solution boots easy to get on and off. The K-315 mesh interior liner isn’t extraordinarily plush, but I’ve put 650 miles on the boots in a day without giving them a thought. As shown in the photos, the boots have some inevitable cosmetic wear, but they remain as functional as they were they day they came out of the box.

Not just a men’s boot, the Tour Master Solution also comes in women’s sizes.

Location Photos by Riles & Nelson