AGV Wants You to Show Your Face!

Dainese and AGV launch an original and amusing project that encourages all motorcycle racing fans to personalize their Valentino’s Face helmets with their own faces.

At the Mugello 2008 Grand Prix race, Valentino wore a helmet that left everyone on hand speechless. The graphics of the Valentino’s Face helmet depicted – in the Doctor from Tavullia’s own words – "my expression when I bend into the San Donato curve after the straightaway in Mugello at over 300 km/h!" Val’s big face printed clearly on the helmet was so attractive that the Limited Edition proposed by AGV sold out in just a few days.

Now AGV is offering everyone the chance to show their face!

As of March, every motorcycle racing fan will be able to make his or her own helmet unique by personalizing it with a photo of his or her face or anything else they wish to print.

Just go to and you’ll be guided step by step through the creation of an absolutely unique helmet and unleash all your creativity.

Once your work of art is completed, you’ll be able to purchase your helmet directly on line and it will be delivered just 10 weeks after you place your order.

Your helmet will be completely made in Italy at the AGV productive unit in the province of Padova where all the original Gp-Tech helmets worn by Valentino Rossi during racing are produced.

The fun doesn’t stop here: an arcade videogame in which participants can challenge Valentino Rossi will be circulated on the famous social network. Wearing virtual versions of their own personalized helmets, Val’s fans can try to beat the Doctor’s time on the Mugello track and win one of the fantastic prizes offered by AGV.

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