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Steve Posson Sculptures | Motorcycle Fine Art

Metal Magic Motorcycle Art.

Somewhere in the shadow of Hearst Castle, along a quiet stretch of the California Coast, artist Steve Posson can be found in his studio sketching, modeling or casting his next bronze sculpture. This is far from lightweight work, however, as Posson’s interpretations of Motorcycle and Car designs can weigh in at upwards of 600 pounds.

Posson has been riding, wrenching and designing motorcycles for years. "I love motorcycles," he says. "Their looks, the sound, the power, the way they feel at 100 miles an hour on a great day – that’s magic!."
A Posson bronze can capture an instant of that magic in polished metal

"I try to transcend the metal, to somehow have the viewer see that instant. See it from all sides, feel that moment, know what the rider sees, what the bike is doing, know the balance and acceleration."

Posson came to sculpture honestly. He was trained as a transportation designer. Years of designing and building prototypes of new cars and motorcycles prepared him for the precision his passionate sculpture requires. Some of the bronzes can have 40 separate castings welded together.

Posson casts his works in lost-wax bronze, an ancient technique capable of reproducing the finest detail. The castings are meticulously crafted, beautifully polished and finished. The sculpture are made in small editions, typically 5 to 30.

Steve’s work is found in private and corporate collections, as corporate recognition awards, and as public art. Frequently customers come to him with ideas for their own sculpture. Corporate Customers have included Harley- Davidson, Ford Motor Company, and Gulfstream Aircraft.


His pieces sell for between $100 and $40,000 and collectors of his work include Harley heir Willi G. Davidson and comedian Tim Allen. Posson jokes that his artwork’s durability enhances investment potential. “Unless a building falls on them, they’ll be around for over 1,000 years.”



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