Michael Toschi Moto | Valentino Rossi

The Tribute Jacket to Valentino Rossi.

Michael Toschi created the buzz at our Concours d' Elegance, at the Portola Plaza Hotel in Monterey, Calif., during MotoGP weekend with the introduction of various high-end leather goods and accessories. This collection included motorcycle boots, shoes, shirts, and, of course, the ultimate moto jacket.

Meeting loyal customers from all over the country who sought him out for consultation, they reveled in the rare opportunity to meet the man behind the much-coveted, ergonomicallyconstructed, Moto jacket. 

Drawing from his 11 years of motorcycle racing experience, Toschi put his best analine-dyed calfskin forward, added removable shoulder and elbow armor, an air-mesh lining, torso pads, an adjustable waist and expandable zippered cuffs.

He then decided to dedicate the jacket to his own heritage and to Valentino Rossi's five-year MotoGP championship run by stitching Italy's national colors on the sleeve.

“I wanted a really cool motorcycle jacket,” he explained. “Everything I tried felt stiff and uncomfortable. I got tired of looking, and decided to make my own.”

The result was a resounding success from coast-to-coast, with production on the jackets backing up for months in Italy. (Click image to enlarge)



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