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Back in 1972, Jenny Lefferts’ dad’s ideal summer vacation was to take his VW Bus, pack in the family and take a road trip.  Sounds a bit like National Lampoon’s ‘Vacation’ with Clark Griswald… so it might have been that Jenny’s dad often got lost.

So when Jenny moved to San Francisco in 1987 and purchased her first motorcycle, she began searching for the ultimate roads… Roads to intentionally get lost on while purposely knowing where she was going. 

Consequently, her charting of scenic road trip adventures along America’s less-traveled byways started and has blossomed into an alluring little company.

MAD Maps Los AngelesToday, MAD Maps offers a new 25-map series of day-trip maps for metropolitan areas from San Diego to Boston to Seattle to Miami. The Los Angeles map, for instance, includes rides ranging from 61 miles to 251 miles, including everything from the beach to the mountains to the desert.

The Get Outta Town maps include information about roadside attractions, motorcycle-friendly roadhouses, warnings and suggested stops.

The maps are water and tear resistant.  They fold up into a 4-inch square, so they will fit easily in a pocket or tank bag.  Looking at the maps is enough to get us saying, "let’s go riding" and wanting to be the first out the door after a long week. So, for your next trip set aside MapQuest®, GoogleMaps™ and the rest–let MAD Maps show you the way.  And we hope to you see you out there on the roads less-traveled.



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